[Cinners x CreatureCowboi] Carousel the Showpony V1.0 Horse furry avatar for vrchat

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Not just a one trick pony!

(This avatar requires a basic understanding of uploading avatars to VRChat.
Don't worry though - I'm available on discord to help you every step of the way.)


This pack includes:

  • Unity Package
  • Substance files for Base & Outfit (recommended workflow)
  • Photoshop files for Base & Outfit
  • Blender File
  • "Uploading avatars for Noobs"


By buying/using this avatar, you agree to the following terms:

Please DO:

  • Customize the avatar to your heart's content! We encourage you to make it your own.
  • Upload your customized versions of the avatar to VRChat as both private and public versions.
  • Use this avatar for streaming. Share your experience with others!

Please DON'T:

  • Use the avatar (or any edited version of the avatar) for commercial purposes without obtaining consent from the creator.
  • Resell, redistribute, or give away any contents of this pack. It's exclusively for personal use.
  • Share the avatar file or any of the other content in this pack with others unless they own a legal, purchased copy.
  • Upload this avatar to pirating sites. As an individual creator, we put a lot of time and effort into making this avatar, and it's important to us that it's used appropriately.

Thank you for your cooperation!

For help and assistance uploading or editing this avatar please contact me on the Cinners Support discord server (Included in the README)

All credits go to Cinners and CreatureCowboi

If you have any feedback on this avatar you're more than welcome to contact me personally via the discord (In the readme)


A message from the creators:

Hey there! Cinners and CreatureCowboi here, pouring our hearts into this avatar just for you. We made Carousel bursting with love and creativity and we hope it shines through. Your support means the world to us, and we can't wait for you to bring our creation to life. Let's ride into the sunset together!

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[Cinners x CreatureCowboi] Carousel the Showpony V1.0 Horse furry avatar for vrchat

6 ratings
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